Παραλία Ξυλοκέριζα ΣπέτσεςA remote but well-organized beach with sand and pebbles on the north east side of the island, Xylokeriza’s  crystal clear, turquoise waters sit in the prettiest of natural bays.

It is ideal for those who want to swim and relax in a peaceful environment.

You can get there by road,  using the bus going to Anargyri Beach, which starts at Ayios Mamas beach, in the town centre.

The bus service runs from May to the end of September.

The best way, however, is with the kaikis which leave the Dapia about mid-morning.

They usually leave when they are full enough, or around 11am, and return around 4.30pm.

It’s also a great way to enjoy the island’s coast-line.


Παραλία Ζωγεριά ΣπέτσεςMany have given Zogeria the title of the best beach on the island, and not without reason.

The stunning landscape with its evergreen pines and olive trees, clear green waters and peaceful setting alone, make this a perfect getaway.

Added to the natural allure of the beach are the comfort of sun beds and the traditional family-run taverna to complete the experience.

There is a dirt road, but access is easier by sea, so it is advisable to take a water taxi or kaiki.

Ayioi Anargyri Beach

Παραλία Άγιοι Ανάργυροι ΣπέτσεςThe beach of Ayioi Anargyri is the largest on Spetses.

Beautifully pebbly but with a sandy seabed, the beach is well  organised with beds, umbrellas and water sports, but at the same time manages to retain a calm atmosphere.

The bus from Ayios Mamas runs approximately every 45 minutes and stops at the entrance to the beach, next to the restaurant.

It is also the end of the line for the kaikis which start from the Dapia.