• Bouboulina’s Museum: The beautiful and historic mansion of Laskarina Bouboulina is over 300 years old. This privately-owned museum offers guided tours telling the story of this most unusual of national heroes. Fighting alongside the men, she was hugely instrumental in bringing about the end of 400 years of Ottoman rule in Greece. Each summer during July and August the museum hosts a cultural festival with music from rock to opera, as well as theatrical productions and children’s events. It is located just past the Dapia (main harbour), right behind the church of Ayios Antonios. The time table of guided tours is posted at the entrance of the museum. Phone number: +30 22980 72416
  • The Spetses Museum: This state-run museum is housed in the imposing 18th century mansion that once belonged to Hatziyiannis-Mexis, one of the island’s benefactors and main figures in the Greek Revolution of 1821. The exhibits represent more than 4000 years of cultural history and include the bones of the aforementioned Bouboulina, as well as local costume and archaeological artifacts. It is easily located using the sign-posts which begin in the town centre. Phone number: +30 22980 72994
  • The church of Ayios Nicholas, once a monastery, is now Spetses’ Cathedral. This monastery played a large part in the struggle for Greek liberation from the Ottomans. It was built in 1805 and is situated at the entrance to the Old Harbour. There, one can also find the exhibition “Spetses House”, which shows how people on the island lived in the past.
  • Situated by the lighthouse at the furthest reach of the Old Harbour, the church of The Holy Virgin of Armata was built by the Koutsis family to commemorate the naval battle which took place on the 8th of September 1822 in those waters.
  • All Saints Monastery sits over-looking the southeastern side of the town. Around the small church, the wife of a local captain, Sofronia Ginis, founded the women’s monastery in 1830. The monastery is open to visitors at certain times, and provides a fabulous view of the area. The nuns sell eggs from their chickens and make their own milk and cheese, also for sale. There one can also find one of the island’s two cemeteries, where many of Spetses’ great historical figures are buried.
  • Sotirios Anargyros’ Mansion: The two-story, neoclassical building with Ancient Egyptian elements, was built in 1903-1904 by Sotirios Anargyros (a national and local benefactor). This mansion is an attraction of historical significance. It is located just past the Dapia (main harbour), right behind the church of Ayios Antonios.
  • Anargyrios and Korialenios School: Funded by national benefactors and sponsors Sotirios Anargyros and Marinos Korialenios, it was opened on 1st October 1927 by the then Greek Prime Minister, Eleftherios Venizelos. The first headmaster of the school was Eric Sloman. It was run as a public school modeled on Eton and Harrow, with both boarders and day-students, and could count among its students children of the most important families of the day from all over the world. It stopped operating as such in 1983, and today its five buildings house the island’s high school, alongside frequent world-class scientific summer schools and symposiums. Its alumni include the former Prime Minister Georgios Rallis, and its teaching staff once included writer John Fowles, giving him the setting and inspiration for his classic novel, The Magus. It is situated at the west end of the town of Spetses.
  • Spetses Lighthouse: It is one of the two first lighthouses ever to operate on the Greek lighthouse network (the other was on the island of Tzia). It was first built in 1831, and replaced by the stone one which still exists today in 1885. Its tower makes up just under 12m of its total height of 27m. It became automated in 1986, and can be found at the furthest point of the Old Harbour.
  • Bekiri’s Cave: Historically, this cave was used as a refuge in times of danger, particularly during the Ottoman rule, and also during the Nazi Occupation. Access to the cave is possible by land or by sea. Inside the cave there are many stalagmites and also a small sandy beach. The main entrance to the cave is at the end of a small path, starting at the northern end of Anargyri beach.
  • Ayia Marina or Paradise Beach: Fully organized beach, around 1.5km east of the town of Spetses. There is a restaurant, a beach bar, sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports. It is easily reached on foot, by bicycle, motorbike, taxi or traditional horse-drawn buggy, or by using the Ayii Anargyri bus, which leaves the town from Ayios Mammas beach.
  • Xylokeriza: Beautiful pebble beach, about 6km southeast of Spetses town. It has sunbeds, umbrellas and a canteen. Access is possible by motorbike, land- or water- taxi or by catching the Ayii Anargyri bus.
  • Anargyri Beach: Fully organized beach with pebbles and some sand, on the south side of the island, approximately 11km from the town center. It has a taverna, a beach bar, sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports. The famous Bekiri’s Cave is located here. There are caiques which leave the Dapia each morning, returning mid-afternoon, but of course you can go by motorbike, taxi or on the Ayios Mamas-Ayii Anargyri bus line.
  • Ayia Paraskevi: Picturesque sandy beach on the south side of the island, approximately 12km from the town center. It is not organized, but its pine trees will offer their shade to those willing to visit Ayia Paraskevi. Access is possible by motorbike or by taxi. Some caiques will call here.
  • Zogeria: Beautiful sandy beach, on the west side of the island, about 6km from the town of Spetses. There are sunbeds, umbrellas and a traditional taverna. Can be reached by motorbike, taxi or caique.
  • Vrellos: Pine-clad beach on the northwest coast of the island, approximately 6km from the town center. It has a beach bar, sunbeds and umbrellas. Access is possible by motorbike, by taxi or by the Vrellos bus line, which departs from outside the Poseidonion Hotel.
  • Kaiki Beach: Fully organized beach about 1.5km to the west of Spetses town, right in front of Anargyrios & Korgialenios School. There are, two beach bars and a restaurant, as well as sunbeds, umbrellas, beach-volley court and water sports. It is easily reached on foot, or by motorbike, bicycle, taxi, horse buggy and by the Posidonio-Vrellos bus line.

For those who love hiking, running or cycling the island of Spetses offers a spectacular route via the ring road that runs around the coastline. Further inland, the green hills offer great views of the whole island for those wishing to explore it. There are also tennis courts, basketball courts and football fields.

We can also book for you a relaxing massage, to soothe those muscles after all these activities, or simply to complete your relaxing break!

Because of the island’s unique situation when it comes to transportation (privately owned cars are not allowed), here is some useful information that will make getting around easier during your stay.

The boat leaves from the Dapia, 7 days a week, all year round, from 1 April until 31 May.

  • Spetses-Costa: 09.00, 11.30, 14.30, 18.30, 19.30
  • Costa-Spetses: 09.30, 12.00, 15.00, 19.00, 20.00

The Ferry (currently the Katerina Star) leaves from the Dapia, 7 days a week, all year round. Foot passenger tickets are 2 euros per person, and you don’t need to book in advance.

  • Costa-Spetses: 08.00, 10.30, 13.30, 17.00
  • Spetses-Costa: 07.20, 10.00, 13.00, 16.30

There are several Hellenic Seaways’ hydrofoils and catamarans every day. They connect the islands of the Saronic Gulf with Piraeus.

For more information on timetables and ticket prices please call +30 210 4199000 or visit

These small red speedboats operate a 24hr service to all destinations on the island, and to the mainland ports of Costa and Porto Heli. They can be called on the spot, or booked in advance by phone on +30 22980 72072, or in person on the Dapia, where they are permanently moored. Prices vary according to route and time of day.

The traditional wooden caiques run the following routes during the tourist season: Spetses – Costa, Costa -Spetses

They start early in the morning and stop around sunset or later, departing from the Dapia. There is no timetable for this service, as they wait until the boat is full enough to go, so a short wait is a possibility. Tickets are €2.5 one-way.

To the Beaches: Anargyri, Paraskevi, and Zogeria

Boats to these beaches leave from the Dapia after about 10.30am. Times vary, so you should check beforehand. The same boat will bring you back to the Dapia around 5pm (again, variable, so important to check). Timetables and ticket prices are listed at boarding point.

These traditional horse-drawn buggies are the island’s trademark. They offer their services from morning until late evening. Can also be booked in advance. Prices vary depending on the route.

For the Old Harbour and Ayia Marina, their terminal is on the east-side of the Dapia.

Tel: +30 22980 73171

For  Kaiki Beach and Kounoupitsa it is on the west-side of the Dapia, in front of the Poseidonion Hotel.

Tel: +30 22980 73170

On the island there are a few grey or silver-coloured taxis, which operate 24 hours a day, which can be booked by phone. Prices vary depending on the route and time of day.
  • Lefteris Gionis: +30 6942635656
  • Dimitris Kastriotis:  +30 6946167251
  • Antonis Papadeas: +30 6946853253
  • Ilias Kollias: +30 6944605784
  • Kostas Vatikiotis: +30 6932200240
  • Anargyros Kotzias: +30 6971717660
  • Nikos Thimaras: +30 6944251945
  • Tziamos: +30 6973886407
  • Delimitros: +30 6944910790, +30 22980 74121
  • Terzakis: +30 22980 74860
  • Stanathiotis: +30 22980 75364
  • Kokkoris: +30 22980 73584/74919
  • Skarmoutsos (bicycles only): +30 6977640777, +30 22980 72209
  • Nikos (bicycles only): +30 6946087748
  • Gidopoulos: +30 6973097856
  • Bratopoulos: +30 22980 72335, +30 6932330114

ATTENTION! During the tourist season curfew applies from 19.00 to 02.00, where motorised traffic is prohibited (i.e. mopeds, motorcycles and quad bikes) on the coastal road from Kounoupitsa all the way to the Old Harbour.

There are two bus routes in operation during the summer months, running east and west out of town.

  • From Ayios Mamas to Ayia Marina/Paradise Beach, Kouzounos, Xylokeriza, Anargyri Beach and ending at Paraskevi beach.
  • From Poseidonion Square to Kounoupitsa, Patralis Restaurant, The Spetses Hotel, Kaiki Beach, and Ligoneri, ending at Vrellos beach.

Bus times change depending on the season and the timetables and ticket prices are posted at the starting points.

There are two pharmacies on the island, both located in the town of Spetses near the Clock Square. There is also a Community Clinic within walking distance from the beach of Ayios Mamas.

  • Pharmacy 1: +30 22980-72256
  • Pharmacy 2: +30 22980-72480
  • Community Clinic: +30 22980-72472

There are two open air cinemas on the island, that usually carry two screenings each every evening. Both are within walking distance from the port of Spetses.

  • Μarina: +30 22980-72110
  • Titania: +30 22980-74651