The Museum of Spetses is housed in the mansion of Hatziyiannis- Mexis,  one of the great leaders in the years of struggle during the battle for independence from the Ottoman Empire. The mansion was built between 1795 and 1798 and is three storeys high. Arched galleries to the front of the building do much to lighten the heavy architectural style of the period. The ground floor houses an exhibition showing the  findings from the pre-Mycenaean shipwreck found near Iria which dates to around 1200 BC.

On the first floor the exhibits represent more than 4,000 years of cultural history on the island and cover many forms of artistic expression.

Other exhibits  include pottery of the Early Helladic and Classical periods, sculptures and coins from the Roman and Byzantine eras, Byzantine icons and other religious objects, as well as local dress and everyday objects.

Among the items of note are the Flag of the Revolution, the bones of heroine Laskarina Bouboulina, weapons and portraits from the renowned naval battle of Spetses, with watercolours and oil paintings of the vessels involved. The rare figureheads on display complete the enjoyable and educational experience.