The summer is here and with it comes the programme for the Pan-Hellenic beach volleyball championship for men, women and juniors.

The championship began on June 16th in Spetses with the Golden Cup, and continues with matches all over Greece. The four largest competitions, Spetses, Xylokastro, Nafpaktos and Agios Nikolaos, will be broadcast by ERT.

Match program in detail:


  • 16th -18th  June, SPETSES GOLDEN CUP, Municipality of Spetses, Poseidonion Hotel (ERT TV)
  • 23th – 25th June, TOUMPAS OPEN, Toumpas Cultural Center
  • 30th June – 2nd  July, XYLOKASTRO GRAND SLAM, Municipality of Xylokastro (ERT TV)
  •  7th – 9th  July, ANTIRRIO MASTERS, Antirriou Beach, Municipality of Nafpaktos (ERT TV)
  •  14th -16th  July, ATTICA OPEN, Schinias or Anavyssos
  • July 21st -23rd , OLYMPIADA OPEN, Community of Olympiada, North Area
  • July 29th – 30th , AG. NIKOLAOS FINAL, Municipality of Ag. Nicholas (ERT TV)


  • 23th – 25th June, ATHENS JUNIORS OPEN, iBeach Papagou
  • 30th June – 2nd  July, XYLOKASTRO JUJNIORS OPEN, Municipality of Xylokastro
  •  7th – 9th  July, THESSALONIKI JUNIORS OPEN, Kardia, Avant-Garde
  • 14th -16th  July, REGIONAL FINALS
  • July 21st -23rd, K19 JUNIORS FINAL, Chios, Bloom Village, Municipality of Chios, Region of Aegean
  • July 29th – 30th, K17 JUNIORS FINAL, Rachon Beach, Nisi Multipurpose Village, Municipality of Stylida, Region of Central Greece
  • 5th – 6th August , K22 JUNIORS FINAL, Schinias Attica, Club Karavi