When naval traditions are in their natural home,  the incomparable beauty of the Great Lady of the Saronic shines! Sunday 25th June saw the completion of the 7th Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta, once again with all the excitement and colour we have come to expect.

The event included races for Classic, Traditional and Family boats. Over 70 participants filled the waters of the Argosaronic, offering impressive and lasting images, despite the fact that at many points over the weekend,  the wind was not on our side!

Some of the most famous classic yachts in Greece participated in the event, as well as major respective attendance from abroad, to the great benefit of sporting and marine tourism in the country.

The event was organised by the Yacht Club of Greece, with the cooperation of Spetses’ local council, and the support of Spetses Yacht Club, and the Poseidonion Grand Hotel.

Prizes were awarded in the Poseidonion Square, and followed by the always glittering (and now part of the tradition), cocktail party in the glamorous surrounds of the Grand Hotel itself. Crews, organisers and spectators left impatiently anticipating next year’s meeting, and the date already pencilled in their diaries.