Spetsathlon 2016

Now in its fourth year, Spetsathlon 2016 is underway! The ultimate sporting experience for competitors and fans alike, the weekend of 13th – 15th May sees our beautiful island play host to top tri-athletes and hundreds of sports-fans from all over Greece and beyond.

A full programme of events awaits all who attend.

On Friday 13th May at 8.30pm is the first ever Twilight Charity Run. This fund-raiser of 3km will donate all its registration fees to four charitable foundations, chosen by this year’s Spetsathlon ambassadors. Those who will benefit are: ELIZA (SPCC), Make-a-Wish, Theotokos and ELEPAP (Rehabilitation for the Disabled).

For the second year running, on Saturday 14th May, spectators will have the chance to watch the unique sea-swimming event of 1,000m. The same day the 3rd Spetses Cycle Tour provides a valuable training opportunity for the triathlon, as well as a great test of strength for non-triathletes.

On Sunday 15th the Triathlon takes place with two parallel races: the Spetses Triathlon Sprint which is 750m swimming, 25k cycling and 5k running, and the Spetses Triathlon Olympic Endurance, with 1,500m swimming, 50k cycling and 10k running.

As well as the competitive side of the fun there will, as always, be a rich variety of social and cultural events. The Municipality of Spetses and the entire local community have again embraced the institution that is the Spetsathlon, with more than 250 local volunteers participating to aid the smooth-running of all events, and the Spetses Association of Local Businesses showing its support by providing special rates for participants in cafes, bars and hotels.

The Spetsathlon is held under the auspices of EOT and the Municipality of Spetses.

Programme of Events:

Friday May 13th

  • 1400 – 2230: Registration Desk in operation for enquiries and handing out of competitor packages.
  • 2030: Twilight Charity 3k Run

Saturday May 14

  • 0900 -2100: Registration Desk in operation for triathlon entrants only, and handing out of competitor packages.
  • 1030: Swimming race 1,000m.
  • 1300: Cycling Race 25k.
  • 1730: Awards Ceremony for the Swimming and Cycling Races
  • 1930 At the Museum of Bouboulina: Athletes Update & Champions’ advice for athletes
  • 2030 Melissa Pasta Night (Free for participants)

Sunday May 15th

  • 0830 – 0930 Registration Desk in operation only for pick-up of BIBS & timing chips (for registered athletes only)
  • 10:00 Start Spetses Triathlon Sprint
  • 10:15 Start Spetses Triathlon Endurance
  • 15:30 Awards Ceremony

Starting times may vary, depending on weather conditions
All events will take place in Poseidonion Square, unless otherwise specified.