Book now with Thimaras Traditional Residences, to be sure of your place in the wonderful  experience that is the Tweed Run!

The Tweed Run is being held for the fourth year in a row on Spetses, from 21st to 23rd  April 2017. The island fills with vintage bicycles and their stylish riders, come to enjoy the beauty and aromas of Spetses at this most glorious time of year.

The event began in London, and spread to New York and Tokyo. It was organized for the first time in Greece in November 2014, and quickly became a favourite date in the calendar for locals and visitors alike. The Tweed Run in Spetses has acquired its unique air by combining British style of the 20s and 30s with local traditions.

Riders in their carefully put-together outfits, with emphasis on the tweed, climb onto their vintage bikes and begin. New friends are made, old acquaintances renewed, and together they enjoy the Spetses landscape. Picnicking to the sounds of live jazz, a stop for tea, awards for the finest appearance and best bicycle, skill races and the treasure hunt are all among participants’ favourite Tweed Run activities.

On April 21st we will be waiting for you on the island of Spetses, to travel back in time together with a whiff of Art Deco England,  with the stunning Saronic Gulf as our backdrop.