Bekiri's Cave

Located near the beach of Ayios Anargyros, Bekiri’s Cave is a unique spot of natural beauty. It has been used many times during the island’s history as a place of refuge, most notably during the 1821 War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire, and again during the Nazi occupation of WWII.

There is access to the cave from land and sea. The footpath from the beach begins at the northern end, just past the Water Sports, and takes you through the pine trees and down to the narrow cave entrance, which is marked with red paint on the rocks.

The cave’s entrance from the sea is quite low, allowing access in either a small, shallow boat or by swimming. It is only advisable to enter the cave this way when the sea is absolutely calm, as there is a danger of hitting one’s head if there are the slightest waves.

Inside there are impressive stalactites, and a small interior sandy beach. This can be found in the depths of the cave, where the enthralling route from the footpath ends.

The cave is well-known in Greece from its “cameo” in the hit film of the late sixties “Jenny-Jenny”. In the film it was re-named “The Fairy’s Cave”, and provided the ideal setting for two of the biggest stars of Greek cinema, Jenny Karezi and Andreas Barkoulis, to fall in love!