Each September, this spectacular event brings the scent of Revolution to the island of Spetses. Thousands of visitors flock to the island to witness the re-enactment of the Battle of Spetses in September 1822, known as Armata. This most-popular of  island traditions goes back to the victory over the immense Turkish forces and is attributed by the local people to the help of the Virgin Mary, and the so-named small church, located in the Old Harbour (Panagia Armata), which celebrates its feast day every year on 8th September.

The cultural and religious celebrations last a whole week, and culminate in  the recounting of the historic events of that night, and the reconstruction of the torching of the Turkish flagship. The festivities’ finale is a feast of fireworks set to music which each year somehow manages to out-sparkle the last.

Spetses’ Armata is an experience not to be missed. Under the moonlight in the blue-green waters of the island, the magical spectacle leaves its impression on Greek and foreign visitors alike. In fact, there are many who return year after year to enjoy this wonderful event and honour an important moment in Greek history.

If you wish to be part of the Armata experience, be sure to make your accommodation arrangements early, as the number of visitors is increasing every year.