A Little Bit of Paradise, just a few hours from Athens!

By boat or by car, the island of Spetses is an ideal destination for the inhabitants of the Athens basin!

Spetses really is a little paradise within reach, with neoclassical captain’s houses, tiled roofs and stone walls from which spring flowers, bougainvilleas and all the scents of spring seem to jump. Courtyards hide within not only the famous pebble-mosaics, but also the local residents, ready to welcome you warmly and make sure you enjoy your stay.

The island is a marriage made in heaven of the cosmopolitan, famous and blue-blooded visitors, and the history-soaked boatyards of the old harbour.

Free of cars and permeated by its illustrious past, it is impossible to resist the carriage ride among the beautiful mansions and mediterranean colours. Plenty of places for strolling, wonderful beaches and nightlife make Spetses an ideal weekend destination most months of the year.